Frequently Asked Questions

Can't complete survey

This is the question we get asked most often. Every offer on our website is hand selected and tested to ensure that they are short and to the point. If you are unable to complete a survey you are either not completing it to completion or you're not letting each page register that it's been completed.

The easiest surveys to complete on our websites will be the "pin" submits, they simply send a text to your phone and you have to respond to the text. They immediately verify that the survey has been completed.

I finished the survey but it's still loading?

Unfortunately, this does happen. We suggest that you clear your cookies and history and try again using a different browser (we recommend Google Chrome). If the problem persists, try on your mobile device. Our Hack is meant for an APP, so we made sure that our hack is mobile friendly.

I finished the process but I received nothing?

This happens occasionally and on a random basis if you choose to use our encryption as a extra layer to help secure your account from being banned. If this happens we recommend you trying again. If the problem persists we recommend you not using our encryption.